Students adjust to new mask policy

More and more smiling faces can be seen throughout the halls now that the restrictions on masks have been lifted. Students and teachers can be vulnerable with one another once again, but at what cost? Some students are ecstatic about the lift, whereas others are enraged. 

Sophomore Bella Mabon said she is glad the governor lifted the ban, but she wishes more students would still wear their masks. “I’m fully vaccinated, and I know most adults and students here are too, but until we know for sure it’s safe, I still plan on wearing mine,” she said. 

However, now that masks are not required, Mabon is not as worried if she forgets a mask somewhere. She said the likelihood of her wearing a mask next school year is slim. “Hopefully by August most people in Iowa will be vaccinated, and it will be safer,” Mabon said. 

Mabon said that from what she has seen, the majority of students do not wear their masks. Prior to the lift, students could be seen wearing their masks incorrectly as well. “I just hope this is a step closer to the end. I’m praying this summer will be COVID free,” she said. 

Sophomore Riley Reiter said she is extremely happy that the mask mandate has been lifted. Reiter said she has been against masks since the beginning of the school year. Although she said she thinks masks are useless, she fully supports others who continue to wear them. 

Reiter said that Governor Reynolds lifting the mandate has given her a sense of hope for the future. “It’s nice seeing everyone’s faces again. It reminds me of when everything was normal,” she said. 

With only a week left of school, Reiter said she is looking forward to summer. Now that most public buildings are mask free, Reiter said she is still going to be cautious and practice social distancing. “I know that with the vaccine out, cases are going to drop tremendously and hopefully stop altogether, but I’m not taking any chances. I don’t think I can handle another lockdown this year,” Reiter said. 


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