Students react to Derek Chauvin sentencing

The traumatic events of George Floyd’s murder that occurred in May of 2020 led to a day full of justice just a few weeks ago. Sophomore Maggie McCullough said she has been following the George Floyd case since it first occurred last year. 

“My first initial thought was, ‘I hope this officer will be charged’,” she said. McCullough said she thought the incident was horrible and no one can justify Derek Chauvin’s actions. McCullough said that social media has responded in a positive way. “As far as I’ve seen, mainly because that’s my algorithm,” she said. 

Although McCullough said she did not watch the full trial on Tuesday, she watched bits and pieces during school hours. “When the trial ended and Chauvin was charged, I was so glad,” she said. Compared to other cases, McCullough said she thought the George Floyd case, in particular, happened quickly. “I’ve been waiting anxiously for the trial,” she said. 

McCullough said that she believes the trial has negatively affected the image of police officers throughout America. “I think it’s been a long time coming,” she said.

Sophomore Gabby Townsend said that she, as well, knew about the case since it first happened. “At first I didn’t know who to side with. Obviously, the officer was in the wrong, but they’re here to protect us. He was just doing his job,” she said. 

Townsend said she is happy that the family has finally found justice after all they have gone through. “I’m happy the trial has ended and his family is beginning to get the closure they need,” Townsend said. 


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