Robotics team holds can drive fundraiser

Robotics team 525 the Swartdogs decided to spend a whole day sorting through pop cans and bottles in a recent can drive on April 17. The community was encouraged to drop off any cans or bottles they had for a fundraiser for the team. 

With only 16 students, three parents and six mentors, the team managed to collect around $2,100 from their collection, having almost 170 big bags of cans and bottles, 41 smaller bags and quite a lot of glass after five to six hours of work.

Team member 525 junior Charlie VanHooreweghe said, “The importance of these fundraisers is to be able to afford the things we do. It’s important so we can go to competitions, so we can build a robot, but what I think is most important, is doing something good for the community together as a team. I think that reaching out to others and helping them out is a core value of our team and FIRST.”

Fellow team member sophomore Hannah Batterson said, “These fundraisers allow the community to grow awareness about us. They also allow us to get money so we can travel to competitions. This brings the team together as we work on one single project all of us rather than being in work groups and a little separated.”

The team put a lot of effort into sorting and getting through a large amount of pop cans and bottles, but VanHooreweghe saw the bright side and how it “builds our strength as a whole the more we work with each other. It’s also a lot of fun, even though it can be tiring and a lot of work.”

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