Classic video games deliver updates

Resident Evil 8’s popularity and a reflection on the series’s progression.

On May 7 of this year, the latest title in the Resident Evil series was released and was met with a very warm welcome. Resident Evil: Village is the eighth title in the series, which dates back to 1996. 

Now the games have changed a lot since then, but maybe that’s a good thing. Up till the seventh game, this series was all about various strains of the T-virus, but in the seventh game it turns more to a monster creating mold. This link describes the timeline and story in full. With the newer games using this method, it opened the story up to more intriguing monsters and villains like Lady Dimitrescu. As the games continue to lean away from zombies, sales and interest also seems to rise. The game series is definitely something worth playing with dazzling graphics, amazing voice acting and a gripping story.

Minecrafts Caves and Cliff’s update: What we have all been waiting for.

If you have played Minecraft before, you have most likely gone mining, and let’s be honest, for the last 10 years, Minecraft’s caves have been bland. This has led the community to beg the developers for an update, and finally after 10 years, it’s here! 

Coming out in two parts, the caves and cliffs update entails plenty of goodies for the average Minecrafter. Sadly, the part we have all been waiting for will not be coming out till near the end of 2021; the first half of the update is hypothesized to be released this summer. 

The first half (1.17) will bring us new mobs and blocks along with geode structures and a new ore called copper. It is also said that the update will release up to 91 new blocks. The second update (1.18) will bring us new cave biomes, larger mountains and new depth and height limits. 

Portal 2’s out of the blue big update, 10 years later.

After just meeting it’s 10-year anniversary last month, the now decade-old Portal 2 is a classic. Portal was one of the first games that brought in physics puzzles in a way that only makes you wanna pull out your hair just a little bit. The game has stunning graphics, hilarious dialogue, endless Easter eggs and unbelievable voice acting. 

With big names like J.K Simmons, Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain, no wonder the project is such a success. And despite the game’s age, it’s still getting updated. 

Now small updates have been pretty steady since 2015, but this is the first big one in a while. Now what does the update entail? For that information we went to the official Portal 2 blog linked here  There you can see status updates on all of the recent updates. 

However the actual quote is too long to post here so here is a quick summary. The developers have added a 360 degree spin action, fixed some resolution issues, tweaked some areas that were having complications such as text blocks repeating and other small bugs and overall fixed things that were imperfect about the games playability. 

Overall, the update is pretty basic, but perhaps with this update a new interest in the game will spark and bring it back into focus.


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