21 Pilots release uplifting new album

This album was released by the band Twenty Øne Piløts on May 21. There are 11 songs, and it’s definitely a change of pace for them. 

So far, the band has released four other albums: Twenty One Pilots (2009), Vessel (2013), Blurryface (2015) and Trench (2018). 

Something I really like about their music is that it’s really easy to remember the lyrics. For example, their song “Stressed Out” from Blurryface is their NO. 1 on Spotify at 1.4 million plays.

On their Spotify Top 10 Popular songs, there are four songs from Scaled And Icy on there already: “Shy Away” at No. 2, “Choker” at No. 5, “The Outside” at No. 9 and “Saturday” at No. 10. 

For me, whenever I play “Saturday” I start dancing a little and smiling since it’s a really upbeat song. My favorite lyric from “Saturday” is “catch me floating circles in my fishbowl” since that’s a really fun lyric. Even the first time I heard it, when I first discovered the album, it gave me goosebumps, and in a good way. If you know the band, then you’ll get why. 

The band is notorious for wearing yellow. The reason that they wear yellow is that it’s what the rebels wear. They rebel against the Dema and depression. That’s exactly what this new album does. Sometimes I listen to it when I’m sad, and it cheers me up really quickly. I highly recommend that you listen to them.


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