How to help friends struggling with mental health

The typical things that you want to say are “I’m here for you” or “it’ll get better” or “you’re not alone” “there is help for you”. All of those might make your friend feel worse instead of better. As long as you’re there for your friend. No matter what time of day it is, or how much you think it’s a little issue. 

Don’t say “I’m sorry” either because that’s just … kinda like a punch in the face. Yes, we know that you’re sorry, but sometimes that doesn’t help much. 

A little goes a long way, especially when supporting someone with mental health issues. OK, that sounds mean. Mental health struggles. That sounds a little better. 

What you shouldn’t focus on is the issue itself, but more your friend. You should:

  • Do some of the old things you used to do together
  • Relive old memories just for fun
  • Pull three all-nighters because why not
  • Spend as much time together as you can
  • Do crafts together
  • Remember why you’re friends
  • Do something together that you would never do
  • Watch a scary movie marathon
  • Rewatch old shows
  • Sneak out and go to a party
  • Do something that you’ve never done before


The point is … sometimes just spending time with someone can make them feel so much better than before. Just remember that you’re here for them when they need you, and it goes both ways.

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