Avoid these dangerous internet trends


Warning! These are very stupid trends that no one in their right mind should ever EVER do!! These are also very damaging


Before we start, I have a few words to say. All of these challenges are harmful to others, and especially to yourself. Hopefully this can cause you to think twice before you try an internet trend. Don’t believe me? See for yourself what happens.

First up, we have the familiar eraser challenge. It was deemed acceptable by teenagers and parts of society for someone to rub their skin as hard as they can while saying the alphabet or different phrases. This is not at all safe or recommended whatsoever. A few people died from doing the challenge. It essentially promoted self-harm among young children and teenagers. Why would someone do that? Like seriously? You would try to erase your skin. In some cases I understand the reasoning, but that still doesn’t make it OK!

The Tide Pod challenge. Wait, wait, wait … did that say Tide Pods? Like the laundry soap? Jiminy Christmas teenagers have gotten stupider … Anyway! For some unknown reason, a various amount of teenagers decided to consume Tide Pods as a snack or food. It’s incredibly dangerous, as well as incredibly stupid. It greatly affected younger kids, since they’re prone to trying or taking after popular YouTube challenges. Generally kids don’t think about logic, much less apply it when they see a “cool kid” doing something. Once one kid does it the others tend to follow suit.

Third, the challenge based off of the song “In My Feelings.” It’s commonly referred to as the Kiki challenge, since the song mentions a girl named Kiki, as many of you might be familiar with. The challenge is to get out of a vehicle while you (or a friend) are driving and dance to the song as it plays. This is not safe whatsoever, nor should it be recommended by anyone with any logical sense. There would be heavy traffic violations for one, and for two, the driver might get hurt, or the other drivers may not see them and the dancer might get hit, or there are many other possible scenarios that might happen, and none of them are good. Just … don’t do it kids. It’s not safe and it’s not smart.

The fire challenge. Do NOT try this at home. Or outside. Or anywhere. Or just ever in general. The challenge is to set yourself on fire, then extinguish yourself as fast as possible, No matter HOW many times people are told not to do it by doctors, higher authorities, anyone, some teenagers still do it. This can cause serious damage and bodily harm, not to even mention the hospital bills your parents are gonna get! Just don’t do it. Like seriously. Burn scars are definitely not pretty.

This one is very familiar and a lot of people have done it. It’s called the Cinnamon challenge. It doesn’t seem dangerous at the first glance, but believe me, it really is. The challenge is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon with no water at all. Having too much of something is really bad for your body, and cinnamon is no exception. As far as we know, 222 kids got throat infections from it. They also have lung problems now because of it. Still think it’s a good idea? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I don’t think so either.

Alright, this one sounds harmless at first. It’s the Car Surfing challenge. I don’t think I have to really explain it, since it’s pretty self explanatory, but I can give you reasons why you shouldn’t do it, much less think of it. People have fallen off of friends’ cars, gotten broken bones, bad cases of road rash, you name it. Some people have even died because of this challenge. Don’t surf kids. Unless it’s on the internet or the ocean. You know, safe things.

That about wraps it up. Once more, please please please do not try these at home. Or literally anywhere. All of these challenges, or at least a large number of them can put you or your friends in the hospital. THESE. ARE. NOT. SAFE. They’re also not a good idea. Think twice next time you see a cool internet trend that you wanna try.

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