Shotgun season provides views and deer hunting: Part Two

We went back to the same place, and the only difference was there wasn’t as much snow. The timbers were still beautiful, but not quite as much as when there was snow.
This time I was switching between my dad’s shotgun and my dad’s rifle, which is a .350 Legend. It doesn’t pack as much of a punch, but it is still fun to shoot and nice to look at.
This weekend was the weekend I finally got a deer. I used my dad's rifle, and at about 250 yards she fell. She isn’t the biggest, but that's OK because the smaller does taste better.
As the sun goes down over the CRP fields, the snow glows as it reflects the sunlight and makes the sunset super pretty. This weekend was a great weekend for me even though we only got one deer, and it was a good way to end the deer hunting season.

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