How to start practicing as a pagan or witch

To be a witch, you need to know a couple of things before starting. These include knowing what is closed and what is open practice, How to practice safely and how to channel and manifest your desires. However, the first and most important rule is to be smart and be safe. Even if you think it’s nonsense, you need to be careful in doing anything. 

  1. Altar. The first thing any good witch makes is their altar. Take a small table or desk, and clean it thoroughly. Once it is clean, take chalk or paint and draw a pentacle, a nine millimeter circle with a star facing up. This will help you plot your space. Place a crystal or stone on each point for a good magick reservoir, as crystals and rocks are made from all four elements. Next, place the candles. Color and size only matter if you are setting for a specific deity. Over time, place jars of plants and herbs on your altar as these are spell ingredients, and keeping them here will make them stronger. Obtain an incense burner and incense. (A great place for witchy supplies is Mohair Pear on College Hill). And last but not least, have a fire source for lighting candles and incense. 
  2. Next, every good witch needs a wand, so find a good sturdy tree that gives off good vibes. Take a fallen branch or stick that feels sturdy in your palm and take it. Never take from the tree; just accept what it has offered. Take this base and whittle or otherwise shape it into a serviceable shape. This can be done by boiling it for more elasticity. Then find a small stone that inspires you. Bind this to the handles with twine and a little glue if needed. Once it is crafted, take it to your altar and bless it. Rituals can be found online. 
  3. Candles. Candle magick is one of the most safe and popular kinds of magick. Great for beginners, candle magick is a lot like lace code. Every color has a meaning. Simply lighting the candles and praying will usually help manifest their help.
  • Red: vital energy, strength, passion, courage, fast action and lust. 
  • Orange: ambition, justice, business, success, opportunity, celebration.
  • Yellow: intelligence, learning, reason, focus, memory, joy, comfort, hope.
  • Green: nature, physical healing, money abundance, fertility, growth.
  • Blue: communication, traveling, inspiration, calm, creativity, forgiveness.
  • Purple: influence, wisdom, authority, psychic abilities, hidden knowledge.
  • Pink: romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring, nurturing, self love.
  • Black: Banishing, binding, expelling evils, protection. 
  • Brown: Home protection, animals, stability, family, Material goods.
  • White: spirituality, peace, higher self, purity, substitution.
  • Gold: masculinity, wealth, luck, power, happiness, the sun.
  • Silver: femininity, intuition, dreams, psychism, the moon.

      4. Tarot. Tarot is a very simple magick using intuition to select the cards that will tell you what you need. The only rule is you can only have one reading a day. The cards know what you need to hear, so trust them and work on yourself when they tell you to. 

      5. Spell jars. Spell jars are an old tradition ranging from charms to curses; these are more powerful than you think. If you make one, remember to smash or bury it once you are finished. If you make a curse or hex, keep it away from your altar or all your altar will be hexed as well. Be very careful with these as they do actually take some of your energy. All magick has a cost. 

      6. Prayer. Of course, the one thing every witch must know is how to pray. Like most religions, just light your candles and incense, and  then get on your knees and bow your head. Simply pray by speaking prayers. These prayers can be for yourself or to any deity of your choice. From Lillith to Hades to Odin.

      7. Warnings. The following are important warnings for new witches. Follow these warnings and you will be able to safely practice.

  • Never use something that is from a closed practice. If you are not brought in by a shaman or priest, you cannot use it. This includes hoodoo, voodoo and any tribal magic. 
  • Never use blood in spells as you will receive physical repercussions once the spell starts. 
  • If you work with gods of death and need bones, remember never murder the animal. Simply go hiking as most forest trails have plenty of free bones. 
  • Never make a spell from anger as this will charge it too much and will hurt those you love.

     8. Research. One witch is not as practiced as 12, so keep researching and asking around, and you will be better off. 

Thank you for reading. Blessed be, blessed solstice and happy holidays.

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