Columnist shares how they would spin classic fairytales


By Olivia Runkle

These are all fantasy story retellings that I would like to eventually write, but the problem is that I am awful at writing fantasy stories. Since my main genre of writing is romance and fanfiction, I struggle with anything other than those two genres. The reason my retellings are better is that I combine more dystopian aspects with medieval ones; for example, The Tower Girl has aspects like The Hunger Games and The Selection. The Girl With The Red Cape takes place in a world where World War I is crossed with medieval and dystopian. Means Of The Rose is still a work in progress as far as ideas go, and Time And Time Again is going to be more of a fantasy/action/romance novel. Where Alice falls in love with the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts is given more of a bigger role than in the original book, and time is important.

The thing about my stories is that I plan to keep certain aspects of the original stories but also change several to the storylines to make them more interesting. They can also be historically accurate to the time periods I choose because as a history buff I tend to have an obsession with being historically accurate, and my stories are all very aesthetically pleasing as far as covers go, as you can tell from the covers I made in the article cover. 

For me, as a reader and a writer, it is important to me to make sure that covers do their job of telling the story, making me want to read the book, and making it appealing to people. 

So as you can see my ideas are  just a matter of getting them down to paper, and I am open for suggestions if anyone have any.

  • Means Of The Rose (A Retelling of Beauty and The Beast)

Means Of The Rose

  • Time and Time Again 

(A Retelling of Alice In Wonderland where she falls in love with the mad hatter)

Time And Time Again

  • The Girl With The Red Cape

  • retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

  • big bad wolf can turn human so kind of a werewolf

  • falls in love with big bad wolf

  • WWI crossed with medieval and dystopian

The Girl With The Red Cape

  • The Tower Girl

  • retelling of Rapunzel

  • Futuristic

  • some sort of caste systems like The Hunger Games or The Selection

  • Medieval

  • mixing of different eras

The Tower Girl


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