Music classes release virtual concerts due to COVID

This year the bands were not able to perform live in front of any audiences, including the marching band slots during home football games in the Dome.

The musical extracurriculars including orchestra, band and chorus are looking very different this year compared to previous years, and COVID has led to the technological twists. 

This year the concerts have been done with no live audience. For orchestra, the students, both online and in-person, come together the evening of the concert for a dress rehearsal. They then sit six feet apart while being masked and record their performance to share with everyone the next day.

“It’s not ideal, but it gives us a chance to perform together, and it gives parents a chance to hear their students perform,” orchestra director Ann Osborne said. 

With chorus, the online students join via zoom and record themselves singing while the students who attend in-person do as well. Elliot Kranz, the chorus director, edits the individual recordings as well as the in-person class recordings and sends out the final compilation. 

The band still rehearses and performs different music programs together the same as previous years just with no audience. They are masked and kept six feet away as they also do not share any music equipment or stands. The masks they wear are modified to have an opening with a cover they open when playing as well as the brass instruments have bell covers over them. 

“We are all willing to do what it takes to meet needs, and do it safely,” band director, Kyle Englehardt said. 

This year they have expanded their bands due to spacing reasons and have gone from two bands to three bands for the in person section. They also added a virtual campus section for the online students.  

“The virtual concerts have been well received by everyone, but we will miss performing for a live audience,” Englehardt said. 

For right now, the recordings are private due to copyright issues, and they can not be posted publicly. Parents are the only ones who are allowed to receive the recordings. However, the band is allowed to share one song:

Englehardt noted that it is unfortunate that the students are not able to share their hard work in front of everyone, but he said he is very proud of how the students have handled this year.

 “It’s all about adapting and overcoming. They are working hard and making some great music together, and we’re all very proud of their efforts,” Englehardt said.

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