Locker-less winter approaches students

Due to COVID-19 and trying to slow the spread of the virus, students were not assigned lockers to use in the hallways, raising the question of where students are going to put their winter clothes. 

In a poll, 49 percent of students said that they wear a winter coat to school every day during the cold season, while some said they just wear a sweater. Out of all of the winter clothing coats, gloves and hats were the top three that students bring with them to school, but 90.2 percent of participants said that they do not have enough room in their backpacks to carry all of this.

The students surveyed who are not worried about where to put their warm clothing were band students. Most say that their band locker is big enough for what they bring and that they will settle with putting winter clothing in there.

Another idea for students is leaving their coats in their cars, but as one participant points out “In my car but then after school, it will be cold.” Because of this, many people say that carrying their clothing around will just have to do.

Over half (52.9 percent) of students said that they will wear less warm clothing than they usually will due to not having a spot to put it. Instead, they will just leave their coats at home.

There were many ideas on how the school could support students during this season. Some popular ones included dropping coats off in their 7th-hour teacher’s room or power hour rooms; allowing students to request lockers since not everyone will use them; allowing lockers to be unlocked during before, after and power hour; or having some sort of cubby space in classrooms where students can put their clothing so that it isn’t all laid on the floor by their bags.

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