CAPS making study hall safer with dividers

This year has been one for the history books. Almost everything this school year has changed in one way or another. New procedures, new classes, and new rules. Like every year study hall is always available to students who need extra time for classwork and/or homework. 

Study halls are a student favorite as students can use the time however they see fit. Study hall is especially fun with your friends, but this year new rules are in place to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Students are no longer allowed to leave the study hall room to be in the library, tiger den, etc. Students with teacher permission passes may leave, but they must check back in with the study hall teacher before leaving or have an email sent. Bathroom breaks are allowed with the requirement that only one student goes at a time and for a maximum time of 5 minutes. 

One nice thing about study hall is that you are permitted to take a mask break as long as you are at a table by yourself and 6ft apart. 

The CAPS students have built covid dividers for students to use and they are a big help. Above is a photo of two students enjoying study hall with the dividers. Tyler Emkes, the student on the right in the photo says, “I don’t really like wearing masks, but I understand why we have to. The dividers are really nice and I’m thankful to my peers that made them. Thumbs up.”

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