Avoid donating to these charities

During the holidays everyone gets into a giving mood. That is fantastic, but there are some charities that don’t deserve your donations. Shady practices,money pocketing and straight up not helping the people they say they will is far too common, so here is a list of the charities that you should and should not donate to this holiday season.

Avoid donating to: 

National Veterans Service Fund

The number one reason to not donate to this organization is the fact that they don’t give back enough to veterans! In 2012 they were reported as only giving back 84 cents of every dollar they received. That means they pocketed far more than they gave back. 

Autism Speaks

A good reason to stay away from autism speaks is the abhorrent treatment of the autistic community. The charity tries to “cure” it, and funds studies that ruin the lives of autistic people. 


PETA is a joke. They promote toxic ideals and call the smallest things animal abuse all while running one of the world’s largest slaughter shelters. A good percent, about half, of the animals “saved” are quickly murdered if thought to be “unadoptable.”

Instead of these, try donating to the following and helping people who need to be helped. The charities listed below are cited as non profit organizations that help everyone.

Donate to:

Toys for Tots

Started in the 1980s, Toys For Tots is a charity run by the U.S. Marines. The charity collects toys for misfortunate youth and helps families give their children a Christmas. It is a great charity to donate to because it doesn’t ever ask for money, just gifts for needy kids.

The Crisis text line

Christmas time or just the holiday season in general is a really hard time for a lot of people. Sadly, in January the national suicide rate jumps up again. Donate to this charity so that they can keep helping people out of a bad situation. You may just save a life.

St. Judes

St. Judes is a charity that helps children beat childhood cancer. With the donations they receive they can keep giving these children and their families peace of mind. Nothing is pocketed because housing, healthcare and everything is free for these families, so go donate and help someone bring their kid home for the holidays.

The Autistic Women and non-binary network

This charity is a far better cause to donate to if you want to help those on the spectrum. The organization is more focused on helping everyone and teaching people about how people on the spectrum function and work with the disability. Donate to them this season to help expand autism education and resources for the people on the spectrum.


Please remember that this year has been hard on everyone, and we need to share the wealth. Please, if you can afford it, go donate. Donate time, money, gifts, toiletries or even food. Volunteer and do what you can to make someone smile. 

This year has proved that anyone can end up in the pits. Be a good person and remember it is the season of giving and love. Forget bias and hate and help your fellow neighbors because we are all human and no one deserves to suffer.

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