Turkey season kicks off

This turkey season was very uneventful. We woke up early with hopes to see some turkeys and tag out the first morning. That didn’t go so well. We sat for about two hours without seeing a bird.

As you can see, sitting got very boring and we often got distracted. I was with my brother and his buddy, and they were talking and on their phones.

That same morning, we got a text from my mom saying that there were turkeys in the backyard. We got home as fast as possible but scared them off. The next morning they came back and were out in the corn field, all four of them were toms. 

Toms are the male turkey for those who don’t know, and there are two big ways to tell them apart. Toms will have longer tails and also have beards.

I hope two weeks from now I will go back to my brother’s house to continue the hunt, and with any luck, the turkeys that have been in his yard will be back there and we will get to tag out.

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