Fall fishing season offers entertainment and picturesque views

These two bass were caught in a little run off pond that was made by the river. One of the bass is 13 inches and the other is 12. Both are keepers and both will be good to eat.

There are a lot of fish, and they are all bluegill. They are all great sized and all look healthy. Looks like the people that caught them are going to have a really nice fish fry. They were caught in a small town by Ames. 

As the water gets colder, the fish get harder to catch, but if you use the right tackle, you just might catch something. This small pike was caught on a Mepps Rooster Tail in a small pond that is run off from the river. The area was beautiful, and with the water in the background, it was a nice night to fish.  

A nice night out on the lake with the sunset in the background is hard to beat. There’s nothing better than to be out on a lake during sunset and catching fish with people that you enjoy being around.    


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