Students voice opinions on Trump’s COVID diagnosis

Confusion overwhelmed the White House on Oct. 1, as Trump tested positive for COVID. Just a few days earlier, Trump had held a public function, which could have been a large hotspot for any COVID spread. On Sept. 26t, president Trump announced his Supreme Court pick in front of around 200 people. The president’s doctor refused to give out any information regarding when Trump last tested negative, which sparked confusion within the media about if the White House was hiding the actual date that the test results came in. 

Due to Trump testing positive, the debate in Miami on Oct. 15 was announced to be held online and not in person. Trump refused to do the debate remotely because he was not gonna let the debate held online “waste my time.” Trump said it was ridiculous, and as of right now they plan to host the debate on Oct. 22. 

Sophomore Maggie McCullough, who currently does online school, said that doing online has definitely taught her time management skills, and the workload has increased immensely. Though she still has good grades, she said it is much harder than doing in-person school. “Due to COVID, my parents were afraid for my safety and wanted to take the most precautions possible to keep me and others safe,” McCullough said. 

“The president of our country getting COVID makes us look like buffoonery. We look so insanely stupendous, it’s not even funny. We look like we don’t know what we’re doing,” McCullough said. 

She said that Florida lifting all bans on restaurants and bars is a prime example that shows we don’t know what we’re doing. McCullough said she believes the administration is the cause of why the United States has the most COVID cases in the world at this moment. She also said that they didn’t handle the situation properly when they first found out about the virus, which makes the United States look like we think we’re indestructible, but we’re not. 

Sophomore Bella Mabon said that the first debate was disrespectful and brought a bad image for the country. “Both of them interrupted each other, which honestly made it more entertaining because they were constantly talking over each other and brought up personal stuff,” Mabon said. Mabon said President Trump getting COVID is karama due to him never wearing a mask in the past. She said that it was bound to happen and it makes him look like, “a laughing stock,” and that Trump getting COVID should be an eye opener to his supporters that anyone can get the virus and everyone has to protect each other by wearing masks. Mabon, who lives in Cedar Falls, said that she likes some parts of her town, but not all of it. She observed that the country is very divided regarding political opinions.

McCullough called the debate held on Sept. 29, childish. “Trump was literally arguing with Chris Wallace, the moderator of the debate.” 

McCullough said that the debate created a negative reputation for Trump, but positive for Biden, “but it just depends on who you’re asking I guess.”

McCullough said that Trump has a virus that we know little to nothing about and him not wanting to do an online debate is irresponsible and could potentially put so many other people in danger. She believes that Trump is so used to getting what he wants that he has grown to have no filter. “I miss Obama,” McCullough said. 

“My school is split. There’s really strong right-winged people, and then there’s liberals. There’s no in between,” she said. When asked if she was happy with where she lives in America and how the government is, McCullough said, “No. I am very privileged and very grateful, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to live somewhere else, like Europe.” 

Sophomore Jace Harken said he believes that politics these days are foolish because it’s such a sensitive topic. He doesn’t care about politics because he believes they have become more amusing rather than reliable. “Trump isn’t scared of COVID. He doesn’t want to do an online debate because he thinks he can’t get affected by the virus anymore,” Harken said. 

He said that the United States should have stopped flights when they first found out about the virus in January. “I think the next debate, they’re gonna argue even more,” Harken said.


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