McDonalds top affordable lunch for Tigers with limited time

With sophomores able to leave campus this year, we thought it would be a good idea to find out what is the ultimate restaurant to go to, and so we created a point system to discover the best options.

Restaurants were judged on three categories: wait time, price and distance. Those with no wait time got 3 points. Those with less than five minutes got 2 points, and those with more than five minutes got 1. In the price category, those that cost less than $5 got 3 points. Those that cost less than $10 got 2 points and those that cost more than $10 got 1 point. For distance, if the restaurant is under 1 mile, it got 3 points, and if it is more than 1 mile, it got 2 points. Those over 2 miles got 1 point.

With this system, Pita Pit and Subway tied with 8 points to be the best choice for lunch options.


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