Peet artist finds inspiration everywhere

Peet freshman Olivia Slickers said art has always been a part of her since a young age, drawing on anything and everything even if she may have got in some trouble. “
I would draw on paper, walls, furniture, any flat surface available,” Slickers said.

It’s more than just a love of art though, Slickers said; it’s also a love for writing. “My favorite is lettering because I love writing and combining and words (are) my favorite thing ever. Making someone smile with a cute word or message is so rewarding,” Slickers said.

Starting in the third grade, Slickers said she was fascinated by what many dread when it comes to learning how to write in cursive. After a year or so of writing in cursive, Slickers found more inspiration online to continue writing and perfecting how each and every word looked. “Somehow around fifth grade I stumbled upon a calligraphy account on YouTube, and I loved the way it looked and how many ways you could use it (cards, chalk, journaling, etc.) I taught myself with YouTube videos and by looking at Instagram inspiration,” Slickers said.

Making art mostly for the amusement of others, Slickers said she enjoys going outside with some chalk in hand to see what she can come up with. “Lettering with chalk is one of my favorite mediums to work with. Going outside and drawing on the sidewalk on a nice day is so calming and fun to do and knowing people smile when they see it makes me so happy,” Slickers said.

Beyond chalk, Slickers said she enjoys working with paint mediums as well. “I like to use markers and watercolors most of the time because that’s what I’m used to and know the most about,” Slickers said. 

With all the free time in quarantine, Slickers said she’s looking to broaden her skill set and try something new.  “I want to branch out more with all my free time and try acrylic painting,” Slickers said.

Gathering ideas and always searching for a new challenge, Slickers said she personally finds inspiration in what she sees other artists doing on Instagram and YouTube. “They put out so many different styles, fonts, themes and so much more, and inspire new ideas into every piece I make,” Slickers said.

With an art account of her own, Slickers has her own art Instagram account @livandletter where she posts lots of pictures of her lettering/calligraphy work in any and all mediums with a wide arrange of colors and themes. Slickers has even posted a couple videos so viewers can see exactly how she crafts her creations.

While Slickers would love nothing more than to be able to pursue a career in art, she said it will never not be a hobby no matter where life takes her. “It would be a dream to have it as a career or a part time job to make a profit, but if I can’t it’s such a good stress reliever and a way to get my mind off everything else going on and put all my focus into one thing,” Slickers said.

Paying attention to every little thing, Slickers said art is everywhere, not just in what many consider the traditional paintings and drawings. “Everything around you is art,” Slickers said. “Someone created the paint on your walls, made your furniture, designed your house layout and so much more. Art is such a broad subject that means so many different things, and all of it is beautiful.”

Being inspired by all that surrounds her, Slickers said being an artist has gifted her with a new eye for creation. “If I see a blank wall, I almost immediately want to put pictures or paint or something on it to make it pop,” Slickers said. “I can think about different colors and patterns I like and can see them all on the paper before I even pick up my pencil. I feel like I can see things through a different lens, and it sparks new ideas and thoughts every day.”

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @livandletter to see more of her awesome creations!


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