Five local businesses provide jobs for teens

For a lot of students, it can be hard to find a job with flexible hours that hires kids their age. A lot of jobs don’t hire until students are at least 16 or older, so for many freshmen and sophomores it can be hard to find a job. Here’s a list of five great job opportunities in Cedar Falls for freshmen and sophomores. 


  1. Try Pie: Try Pie is a teen development and employment program for high school girls. Each week employees work in the kitchen preparing pies then during the monthly classroom session, go in to learn about budgeting, resume writing, interview etiquette and spiritual development. Although Try Pie is a religious organization, you do not have to be Christian to join. The job has a $10 starting wage and a $1 raise is added each year. The job offers seven-10 hours per week. To apply click here
  2. Western Homes: Western Homes hires teenagers 15+ to be wait staff. In this job you serve meals to residents and guests. If you’re passionate about caring for others, this is the perfect job for you. The minimum hiring rate is $11.50 per hour. If you want to apply click here.
  3. McDonald’s: There are many McDonald’s locations in Cedar Falls for students to apply to be crew members. Starting wages for high school students are $12 an hour. There are many benefits that come with working at a McDonalds location; for example, employees get free meals and paid vacations. McDonald’s can also supply free online college with CTU. To apply just click here and find your preferred McDonald’s location.
  4. The Other Place: The Other Place has locations in Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Many Students in Cedar Falls work there washing dishes. The Other Place has been around since 1970 and has served as a place where a lot of people go out to eat and watch sports. If you enjoy sports and food, this might be the place for you. To apply click here.

The Falls: The Falls usually doesn’t begin hiring until the springtime, and they don’t open until the summer, but the summer is a great time for teens to work. If you have an open schedule in the summer, The Falls is a great place for you to work. There aren’t just opportunities as lifeguards; there are also opportunities there serving food at concessions, so if you need a summer job, stay updated and apply here.

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