Donut shop brings new flavors to Cedar Valley

Icon Donuts recently opened up another store front in Cedar Falls on College Hill. They sell their original “iconic donuts” as pictured above, as well as classic donut favorites and other bakery treats.

Icon Donuts and Sweetery didn’t want to be compared to Dunkin’ Donuts, they wanted to be Iconic. They set out to create a line of donuts the Cedar Valley never tasted nor seen before. Thus was born their “iconic donuts.” 

The idea behind their donuts is to pay tribute to famous musicians, movie stars and celebrities that they believe made a mark on the world. 

The two donuts shops display famous pictures of celebrities with their delicious donuts superimposed on the pictures.

Their doughnuts all started with a certain flavor profile in mind. “We look at some of the flavor profiles of some of the donuts that we want to do,” co-owner Kyle Dehmlow said. “So like the King, which is our peanut butter maple glazed bacon fritter, Elvis Presley, he had a sandwich that he used to eat, which had peanut butter on it, bacon and bananas and jelly. 

“Once we have a flavor profile, we start to look at things that are iconic that could relate to the donut, and they might be able to kind of get the idea of what it might taste like,” he said, “so we took some of those things that were relatable to them and put them together and came out with ‘The King,’” he said. 

“Icons,” like “The King,” can be found at their sweeteries on 1730 W. Ridgeway Ave., Suite 600, in Waterloo and at their new location on 917 W 23rd Street in Cedar Falls. 

On top of their doughnuts, the sweetery serves the classic options that doughnut lovers desire as well as other treats like cheesecake. 

To provide for the public, Icon conquered the challenge of creating the perfect vegan donut and are working on a gluten free option to present to the public.

But they are not done rattling the Cedar Valley’s taste buds yet. “We are still doing a lot of testing. We have around 40 more donuts that are not out yet. We have to work in to them. We have to practice. We have to test them,” Dehmlow said. 

For more information about Icon Donuts and Sweetery visit

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