Aspiring artist creates whimsical pieces

Sam Williams

Junior Sam Williams found inspiration for her artwork about five years ago. She went along with her mother and her boyfriend when they got tattoos and was distracted by the tattoo artist’s portfolio of artwork. Not only did it consist of tattoo designs but other artwork. This inspired the young Williams and set her on her journey as becoming a tattoo artist herself one day. To help develop this goal, Williams has been taking art classes since ninth grade. She is currently taking an art class at the high school now. 

When did you start art classes? I started in ninth grade with regular art. Then I took photography and drawing and painting class in 10th grade. This year I’m taking ceramics. I took beginning; I’m taking a Hawkeye class now. I took a design class and independent study. 

How did you excel to Hawkeye classes? Pretty much just passing the class and getting an A or B, and if she thinks you’re ready or not. 

What’s your favorite art class? Drawing, like graphite art. Black and white is my favorite in photography, and art. So graphite really fits that well. I like being able to blend with just my fingers or a blending stick. It moves well. 

What is your art inspiration?  I guess I have been around tattoo shops a lot, and all of their artwork. They have portfolios full of just their pieces, not just their tattoos. So looking through of those and growing up drawing has been my inspiration. 

Who are your role models? Ms. Olson and Alex Vance (a famous artist in Waterloo). 

Do you want to be an artist some day? Yeah, I want to open my own tattoo shop. 

How long have tattoo shops been your inspiration? Maybe five years. I’ve always loved them because my mom would get tattoos and my boyfriend, and my aunt has a lot of tattoos. And just going with them and watching them. 

What’s your go to doodle when you are bored? Eyes. 

What’s been your biggest accomplishment regarding art? Probably the artwork I worked on last semester in drawing II and this year in independent study because I get to make a lot of bigger pieces. 

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