Steampunk art gains online presence

Junior Isabella Smith sells her art on Redbubble for the public.

Junior Isabella Smith does not only produce art for the CFHS hallways, but for fans on Redbubble. 

Smith uses her artistic talents in multiple types of art forms including painting, digital, drawing, ink and calligraphy. Smith has built up a fanbase on Instagram and RedBubble. One can find her art on Redbubble/Isambeleca or on her instagram @isambeleza. 

1.. How long have you been taking art? This was the first year. I’ve just been drawing since I was really young. 

2.What art classes do you take at the high school? Drawing l. 

3. What type of art do you do? I sketch a lot, I do a lot of calligraphy, ink drawings. I paint and I dabble a little in digital art. 

4. Is art just a hobby for you, or would you like to pursue it after high school? Definitely pursue it. I do sell a lot of my art on RedBubble right now.  

5. Can you tell a bit about the piece that is in the display case? That one was an assignment to take just sort of random pieces of junk and try to do a realistic copy of it, so that was fun. 

6.Why did you choose the stuff you chose for the piece? They looked the nicest out of the selection, and also I was also going for a kind of steampunk, but also delicate look. 

7.How would you describe your artistic style? This drawing class is drawing more realistic things. I love drawing fantasy things. I do a lot of commission things for fan art from book series, so that’s what I do. 

8. What is your favorite part about being an artist? It’s always something that I have liked, so I don’t know why I like it, but it’s sort of a coping a skill. Also, when a lot of people have their own hobbies, reality sort of fades away, so that’s what happens when I draw.

9. What were your biggest struggles and strengths creating the project in the display case? Just sort of having to do it in a classroom environment. It was kind of annoying a lot of time. I couldn’t just sit down four hours straight and draw it. 

I had to break up the time to draw it, so when you put it back down on the table it’s not in the same lighting or the same position it was, so making sure it looks the same every single day was really difficult. 

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