Holiday giving starts in our community

Senior leadership is raising money for families from Haiti and Mozambique and their schools.

With Thanksgiving holiday behind us, much more giving is still available for the rest of the season in the community of Cedar Falls High School.  With student groups like senior leadership and the entrepreneurship class, they set examples for how to give back to others in need and give chances to give to others.  Senior leadership will be hosting a fundraiser for families of Haiti and Mozambique. Their main goal is to buy desks for school children and cement floors for families’ homes. 

They are having pancake breakfasts in the Tiger’s Den every Monday morning before school until winter break to raise money. Along with the breakfasts, senior leadership is selling $1 candy canes to send to a friend in school as well as the lollipop tree in the counseling office, that comes with different prizes for every sucker drawn out of it. In addition to senior leadership’s fundraiser, the entrepreneurship class and clothing line “Dun n’ Dunn” is selling sweatshirts with the Tigers logo and plans to donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice. Each sweatshirt costs $25 for ones that are interested. This project also teaches them the skills to prepare for a successful business startup.  In previous years, they have given to charities like the Red Cross, Cedar Bend Humane Society, American Cancer Society and many local charities or goodwill causes. Whether it be giving or buying, there is always an alternative that will benefit someone else, even in our school’s community.

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