Artist of the Week: Taylor Hanson focuses to balance school, music

Senior Taylor Hanson has been playing the violin since she was three years old. Although she is very serious about the instrument, participating in multiple music groups outside of school, one of her main priorities with the instrument is to have fun. Hanson has made it into the All State music festival all four years she has tried out and plans on taking her talents to Iowa State. 

When did you start playing violin?

 I started playing when I was three years old. 

What are your personal goals with the violin? 

My personal goal is to continue to improve while having fun doing so. 

Do you play any other instruments?

 Yes, I play oboe and saxophone in band. 

Do you play any other music on your violin besides classical music/the music learned in school? 

Yes, I’ve played electric violin music before—specifically some of Lindsey Stirling’s music. I like playing all styles of music. 

Do you plan on pursuing the violin after high school? 

I do. I’m going to play in the orchestra at Iowa State next year and might pursue a minor in music. 

How much do you practice?

 I try to practice every day, but it ends up being more like five-six days a week for about an hour every day. 

What is your motivation to keep playing and practicing? 

My motivation to keep practicing/playing is the music things I’m involved in outside of school. I play in Suzuki recitals, which motivates me to keep practicing solo pieces. I also do NIYO ( Northern Iowa Youth Orchestra), chamber groups and other honors orchestra to keep involved in orchestra and groups outside of school. 

What is your biggest accomplishment regarding the violin? 

My biggest accomplishment would be auditioning and being accepted into All State all four years. 

Who has contributed to your success the most? 

The person that has contributed most to my success would be my mom. When I was younger she motivated me to practice, and now she supports me and cheers me on for all the auditions and recitals I do. 

What is your best memory with the violin? 

I have many good memories because I’ve been playing so long, but one of my best memories would be going to All State with my friends. I love getting to play music for  three days alongside my friends and hanging out with all the musicians from our high school. 

Who is your biggest violin/musician role model? 

My biggest role model would either be my violin teacher Ross Winter or professional violinist Joshua Bell. 

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