PINK POWER: Pink Ribbon events team up in fight against breast cancer

Police vehicles across the country are adding pink ribbons for their Pink Patch Project as they seek to raise money to assist others in their fight against breast cancer.

Every year on the first Saturday of October, the Pink Ribbon Run is held in downtown Cedar Falls. They started this fundraiser in 2006 after Pam Dowie’s (who works on this committee) daughter Michelle died of breast cancer at the age of 33. 

Michelle had noticed not all women had the financial support she had. After this realization, the idea of the run to help raise money for those who needed it started. 

The run started with just 100 participants in 2006, and they are now hoping for 1,000 participants. Because of their sponsors, they’re able to cover all the registration costs of all the breast cancer survivors who participate. 

In 2017 they were able to raise more than $66,000 for 78 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. The Beyond Pink TEAM, which makes it so they donate money, was started in 2008 and has since then donated more than $315,000 to those who are living with breast cancer according to Gabbi Dewitt, the Development Chair at the Beyond Pink Fund.

Another way the town is supporting breast cancer awareness month is by putting pink ribbons on the squad cars around Cedar Falls. This is part of the coalition to fight breast cancer across the country. 

Police officers also have the option to wear a pink version of their agency patches on their uniforms, and these patches are also available to purchase for $10 for the whole month of October. 

The Pink Patch Project is an effort from the Los Angeles Police Department across the country with 330 participants. This is their third year participating in this project and their first with the Beyond Pink TEAM.

School Liaison Officer Zach Ladage, who is part of the Cedar Falls Police Association, said, “All the proceeds are going to the Beyond Pink TEAM.” They’re partnering with Beyond Pink this year to help bring awareness to breast cancer.

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