CF grad helping aspiring artists bring inspirations to reality

Steve Potter is an artist based in Cedar Falls who also does classes teaching kids how to sketch and do art too=. They meet in downtown Cedar Falls above Urban Pie and recently had their first art gallery walkthrough. 

Potter graduated from Cedar Falls High School and said he wants to design the Google logo next year. He has also done the logo for a restaurant/bar in chicago, and he has done multiple different types of art such as 2D sketches to 3D paper sculptures. 

Potter got cancer for the first time at the age of 20 and had severe nerve damage in his hands (peripheral neuropathy), but he kept drawing and he said, “I was proud I pushed through the pain.” He got cancer a second time and ended up having a heart attack as well. 

He said art is one of the things that keeps him going. “There are no limitations. You can always ‘one up’ yourself. You can bring fantasy to life. Conquer a fear. Share an emotion without speaking a word. Give a priceless gift without paying a dime. It’s a world with absolutely no rules and boundaries. The universe is art, from the stars above your head to the knitting in the socks on your feet. And the best thing … after you are gone your art remains to live on forever. Pretty wild if you ask me.”  

Potter encourages his students on what they like to draw and helps them see their visions through to creation. He has his own visions as well. “I love to mix beautiful and nostalgic themes with bizarre and off-the-wall humor. And add little surprises that you might not notice right away. If I can make myself chuckle, I’m having a good time.” 

Potter’s classes are for any ages Monday – Thursday and $25 for the whole week. Anyone can come when they want to fit their own schedules.

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