Students share opinions on Louisville protests after Breonna Taylor verdict

Two police officers were shot amid protests in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, as the city and country reacted to the grand jury’s announcement that the officers responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death would not be charged. Protests erupted into chaos with property damage on the first night after the grand jury announcement.

Freshman Kaydence Turner, sophomore Maggie Mccullough and junior Emma Pettit all have shared their views on both the Breonna Taylor case and the two officers shot. 

 “It is unfair that Breonna did not get the justice she deserved for getting shot and killed. The police deserve proper punishment,” Turner said regarding the Taylor case.  “Although how the protester responded to the grand jury’s decision was inappropriate and unacceptable,” Turner said, “I feel it makes them just as bad as the cops who shot Breonna Taylor.” 

“I think the suspect had shot the two officers out of a fit of rage. People are sick and tired of all of the inequities that are occurring in America right now,” Mccullough said, “and that certain suspect had had enough and lashed out on the two officers.”

Mccullough also said she is “deeply disturbed” that the officers in Taylor’s case are not being charged with manslaughter. “It is a travesty to simply pardon individuals for their obvious wrongdoing, especially if they are in a position of power as a police officer.”

At the protest, people were setting fires and throwing things such as water bottles at police officers and their vehicles. The people had tried setting the boards on the courthouse windows on fire. This had led to many arrests at this event. 

 “This all could have been avoided if the police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s case were charged like they should have been. The people have a right to be angry. Justice was not served,” Pettit said. 

There has been a cause of concern amongst many people for the future of police officers and their safety since the beginning, but this occurrence really sparked it for many. 

“Obviously, I am worried for the safety of our police officers especially during these times and scared for how people may be basing all cops off of the bad ones,” Pettit said.

On the other hand, Mccullough sees it differently. “I quite frankly do not see police officers safety as a top priority, and am therefore not concerned about their safety. They chose the occupation they did and know the risks that come with it.”

According to Pettit, social media can be a big influence on how people especially teens form their views on things such as this. “Social media has always played a part in why I believe the things I do, but I think it’s for the better. It allows me to see multiple perspectives of other people and help me form my own opinion,” Pettit said. 

Mccullough, however, does not use social media to form her opinion but rather to spread it. “I have always been an advocate for human rights, and I tend to do my own personal research instead of relying on social media for research. Social media is a great platform to be able to help others understand what’s going on in the world” Mccullough said.


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