Counselors relieve senior stress

While prospective students may often feel as if there is too much pressure with too little help, resources exist to help those feeling overwhelmed. Some students utilize counselors when the time approaches. 

Sarah Wagner, a 2018 Cedar falls graduate now attending Hawkeye Community College, attributed counselor Amy Denholm to stress relief during her senior year. “She was always there for me, when I was stressed going into the last month of senior year not knowing what I wanted to do. She showed me the choices I have and gave me ideas on what I can do to make my decision easier,” she said.

The State of Iowa offers over 60 establishments and universities for higher education, yet some feel the pressure to choose the prestigious route that may not fit their needs. 

“I feel like going to a community college is looked at as lower education, and it’s not at all,” Wagner said. “I feel like it’s frowned upon if you don’t want to go to college right away, and I also feel like students are so rushed to figure out what they have to do.”

Julie Kirkpatrick, a math teacher who completed her education at the University of Northern Iowa, urged students to take a step back. “My biggest regret was being so focused on my four year plan. I was so narrowed in”

Kirkpatrick also stressed the importance of understanding the value of reason. “There is a lot of pressure to make the right choice, but you can always change gears. You aren’t stuck in your choice,” she said.

Marika Yang, a United States Naval Academy hopeful, chose her education on the ideals they offer. “I hope to grow as a leader and strengthen my skill set in many different fields and that those newly acquired experiences will help shape me into a successful future officer in the Marines.’’

Planning ahead also attributed to Yang’s success in her decision making. “Start early and know the application process of the schools that you’re interested in,” she said.

College holds more than educational promises. “I hope to be able to function on my own, and I hope to be able to hold a job in the future,” Zachary Biles, a senior hoping to attend Iowa State in the fall, said.

While college holds stress and frustration for many, it also builds strength to experience one’s passions. “Go where you want to,” Biles said.

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