As semester ends, develop healthy routines for managing stress

The end of the semester would be here in under 20 days excluding winter break. With finals approaching as well, students are hustling to bring their grades up. While doing this, students tend to lose more sleep causing an increase in stress/anxiety. Students tend to procrastinate more rather than be productive usually this is done unknowingly but there are ways to increase your willpower to become more productive. 

To-Do List

Cutting your to-do list in half and taking more breaks surprisingly increases your productivity. If you stay focused on a task for too long you tend to drift off and spend more time on a specific section. Usually, leading to you re-do the task you are comprehending or trying to learn. Reducing the amount of work you have to do mentally prepares you to accomplish the assignments. Furthermore, it boosts your motivation and effort to complete everything.


Laziness is the key to procrastination and prevention of being productive. Students need to stop confusing productivity with laziness. To clarify, students check their email, do research, write their to-do list for the next day, etc. These are only excuses for doing their real work. Placing your focus on the actual assignment and putting all your effort into it not only increases your productivity but also reduces the amount of time you spend working, giving you more time to do other activities.


No matter how you see it, music causes procrastination as well. It’s best to not have any music while working on assignments. There are the “multi-tasking” students who believe they can work as they listen to music, but doing this only causes distractions to your brain whether you feel the effects or not. If you believe you can not work without music, listening to slow jams, jazz or any type of music that doesn’t have lyrics yet is easy on the mind and soul is best.

Morning Routine

Starting off your day with a positive attitude increases your chances of getting your work done. Creating a system is like starting a new habit. If you create a routine that’s active and allows you to be your best self, then surely your willingness to complete assignments would become easier.

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