Seniors react to final round of final exams

As it get closer to winter break we are all getting ready for the most important and stressful time of the semester: Finals. Of course the underclassmen are just as stressed as the senior class, but there is one thing that makes the senior experience more exploitable for the paper. The fact that this is the class of ’22’s last round of high school final exams. So how are they feeling? Here’s some replies we got this week from seniors on the issue. 

“At this point in time I am not really feeling anything in regards to finals. It still feels too early to even be thinking about it all. I think honestly that when the time comes that I won’t really feel worried. I really only have two classes that I have to worry about in the traditional sense of studying and actually doing a test. The rest of both days of finals are either going to be fun or easy. I think that overall this will be the easiest finals week that I will have ever experienced in my time at CFHS.” 

—Charis Crozier

“I want to get them over with. I’ve taken enough at this point. The sooner I’m done the better.” —Phoenix King

“I’m surprised that senior year is moving so quickly. I felt like we just started the school year a week ago. I’m feeling a mix of happy and sad. I’m happy that after these finals I won’t have to worry about them anymore as they are usually pretty stressful. I’m kind of sad that this means that my final year here is halfway over. I don’t want to leave all of my friends, and I’m a little scared to move out to college all alone.”

—Marissa Robisky

“I’m not really nervous, just ready to get it over with” 

—Ash Lawrence

“Sad and happy because it is my last year.” 

—Makayla Taylor

“Better than last year. Junior year stunk.” 

—Reece Gallagher

“I’m a little nervous and sad, but all around ready for my high school career to be over with.” —Heaven Lickness

Overall, feelings are mixed, and students are ready for finals to pass.

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