‘Psychic Spectors’ delivers for Yo-kai Watch

As of Sept. 29, the third instalment in the Yo-Kai Watch series “Psychic Spectors” was released. Some people might say this is just a scam, and it’s not worth $40. However, like with a lot of things, this story has two sides.

The game is basically the same as “Fleshy Souls and Boney Spirits;” however, there are some changes — very few changes to the main game, but once you beat the final boss, the changes begin.

A lot of side quests open up, more Yo-Kai to befriend, backstories for characters you’ve met and lots more. While this may seem like something that can just be an update, you’re wrong. The main story gets a few additions, which will be gone over shortly.

This game is a middle game that combines both versions into one glorious game. I won’t be going into details on these side quests purely because they’re also shown in the anime, and i don’t want to double spoil someone.

On to some of the things that are added into the main game. For one, you can chose either side of the story. What I mean by this is that usually in “Boney Spirits,” you get a specific story, and in “Fleshy Souls” you get a slightly different story.

However, in “Psychic Spectors,” you get to pick either version. It’s like buying both versions in one game. With three save files on every copy, you can play all three versions and have a file to do a fun run.

To add to all this, you can always just transfer your game from one of the two previous games to “Psychic Spectors.” This allows you to keep your progress and skip right to the aftergame.

In conclusion, the game could’ve been replaced with just an update to better game, but it wasn’t. Is the game worth $40? I, personally, would say “yes.” This game is worth the money, but only if you have one of the previous games. However, from what I’ve played, the extra things in this game are amazing, so I may still be I starstruck with awe.

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