Our View: Let’s show equal support for all Tiger activities

With the fall sports seasons coming to an end, now is the most important time to go out and support our Tigers. This not only includes our sports scholars, but our academic ones as well.

Walking into the UNI Dome for a football game, it seems as though the entire school is there, supporting the ones out on the field and cheering them on, usually ending in a victory, but as halftime rolls around, it seems as though the student section has mostly cleared out, leaving a small audience for the band and the rest of the game.

Now this is only a small example, but it shows up in many ways. If you were to go to a swim meet or a wrestling match there would be a lot less people in the stands than at any basketball, football or volleyball game.

We need to start giving people the same support that is given to others. This does not mean go to every single event, but if they are in the stands supporting you, then you should show some gratitude by going out to support them.

Plays, music concerts, swim meets — they are all just as important, and they work just as hard as any other team; they deserve the same recognition as well.

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