Women’s golf team rebounds from first loss to set school record for lowest team score

In the Metro Meet at South Hills on April 26, senior Mackenzie Roberts lines up a putt in her round of 44. The team won the meet with a 42-stroke advantage.

Kicking it off with a good start, the women’s golf team has only lost one meet so far in the season.

The team has hopes to defend its state title this year.

Head Coach Megan Youngkent said, “My team and I have one goal: to win back-to-back state titles.”

Following last year’s footsteps seemed to be slipping when they lost a meet after finishing last year undefeated, but many believed that the loss may have helped the team, reminding them that winning isn’t just handed to them.

Senior Hannah Bermel said, “Our first loss this season hit us hard. However, I think that made us realize that we are not going to win every meet just by showing up. We need to put in the time it takes to be state champions. Since we went undefeated last year, our first loss really impacted our next meet.”

After their first loss, the girls did not want it to happen again. It pushed them to work harder.

Senior Taylor Sernett said, “Since the loss, we’ve been more focused and working harder. We didn’t lose at all last season, so I think that meet gave us a lot of motivation.”

After the possibly beneficial loss, the team broke a school record, golfing a 315, with a 321 as the previous record. Youngkent said she does believe that this team is capable of breaking the record again this year.

The team also takes pride in staying positive with a fun demeanor. They like to keep the practices and meets lively and enjoyable. This may contribute to their success as it takes stress off the team and allows them to play without pressure.

Bermel said, “One thing I like the most about my team is that we never stop having fun. At State last year, we were warming up on the driving range, and we were making fun of each other and laughing while everyone else was extremely focussed and a little tense. The amount of fun we have helps us become more relaxed and prepared for each meet.  I don’t think any other team is like that, so it is really fun to be a part of a team that can always be joking around.”

Even Youngkent’s favorite thing about the team has less to do with the sport itself than with the people and atmosphere.

She said, “My favorite thing about our team has nothing to do with golf. My favorite thing is spending time with some of the best kids in our school. They are kind, driven and some of the funniest kids I’ve ever met.”

The next meet is the conference divisional on Monday at 9:30 a.m., and the team hopes to win the conference title again.

Plan to see the team aiming for a win, but having fun with their good luck mannequin head named Dana.

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