Trap season kicks off with a bang

Trap shooting is one of those sports that have an easy concept, but not as easy as it seems. The CF team has a lot of people shooting, and we have about 10 squads. The squads consist of the shooters’ averages. This is squad two, and they are getting ready to shoot but the people could change depending on how people's averages change.
When you shoot trap, there are not a ton of rules, but the few you need to follow are for your safety. The main one is to stay in your lane. When you go up to shoot, you make a line and there are certain lanes you must stay in; they are one through five. Senior Tommy Paulson is in lane five, so he will shoot last.
The last and most important part of being part of the trap team is the scorer; without the scorer you would not have the sport. The score just keeps track of how many clay pigeons you hit out of 50 which is split into two because one box of ammo holds 25 shells. The scorer also yells loss whenever you miss a shot. In this case, senior Dawson Walker was scoring.

Tommy Paulson has been shooting trap for all four years he has been able to at the high school. He along with all of the other seniors could tell you that this sport brings people together and is a blast to do. Anyone can be on the team and be part of the group, so if you get the opportunity to then you should give it a try.

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