As winter sets in, students spending time with favorite podcasts

As the colder seasons start to approach, many students choose to stay in and bundle up while listening to their favorite podcasts. 

Junior Annie Forcum said that one of her go-to podcasts is The Magnus Archives. “They either tell an interesting and compelling story or give interesting insight into a book I already love or is generally funny, “ Forcum said. The Magnus Archives is a horror-fiction podcast that tells stories from the fictional Magnus Archive that gets explored every Thursday.

Other students choose to listen to more realistic podcasts, like junior Aussie Haworth. The podcast Chuckle Sandwich focuses on current events that they perceive to be world shattering. “It is warm and welcoming. It is calming to listen to these people talk about current events and personal interests, “ Haworth said. This podcast can be found on Youtube and Spotify. 

As book podcasts rise in popularity, junior Sophia Woods recommends 3 Books With Neil Pasricha. “I love reading and have since I was really little, so it’s interesting to hear other people’s favorites and how it’s impacted their life. They have a lot of famous authors and creatives on, like Quentin Tarantino, so being able to hear how certain stories have affected the lives of people I look up to—stories I might have read—is really cool to me,” Woods said. 

For anyone interested in the expansive culture of Japan, sophomore Ed Lin said that Trash Taste is the way to go. “Trash Taste podcast is where three youtubers talk about a wide range of topics such as Japan culture, anime and gaming. The trio consists of Garnt, Joey and Connor,” Lin said. The podcast that Lin found from YouTube has now become one of his favorites. “I really like Trash Taste because they are very funny, and I like to listen to them talk about anime and gaming related topics.”

Virgo Today, Science and Spirituality is a short, daily podcast that focuses on the zodiac signs horoscope for the day. “I like hearing about the theories of things, and something that really interests me is astrology,” junior Sarah Bhatia said. This podcast is a Spotify Special and only lasts up to five minutes.

Junior Henry Giddens recommends the podcast H3H3 for anyone who wants to get a good laugh and feel like a part of a funny group of friends. “They have really good guests and very funny interesting episodes that are super funny,” Giddens said.

As for anyone who wants a podcast that is very local and funny, Hogan Fussel said that his go-to podcast is The Two Twigs Podcast. The podcast is hosted by seniors Brayden Burnett and Eli Smith, who provide their comedical insight on topics. “The episodes are intriguing and masterfully crafted,” Fussel said.

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