Our View: Senior staffers say goodbye

Time always goes on. Dawn turns into dusk, seasons change, people grow …  and high school seniors graduate. This Sunday, 370 young adults cross into the next stage of their lives. Whether it be college, work, family, or something else entirely, we at the Tiger Hi-Line wish you all the best.

With that in mind, today will surely be a day filled with farewells. With 370 less Tigers roaming the halls, the Hi-Line also says goodbye to quite a few of our senior staffers. Your contributions, your energy, your presences will be missed.

Now that we have bid adieu to our upperclassmen. They have decided to flip the switch and bid the rest of us a farewell as well. Especially to one very important member of our staff, our beloved adviser, Mr. Brian Winkel. Here are a few words from some of our senior Hi-Line staffers:

“It’s very hard to describe how absolutely incredible it’s been to be part of the Hi-Line and to have been Winkel’s student. All I can say is it’s been an amazing journey that has helped me discover not only what I want to do in life, but also who I want to be. Through journalism and through Winkel, I’ve learned so many things that I will carry with me forever. Such as the passion to pursue the truth and your dreams, and other skills that will carry into the world past the door of room 208. Thank you, Winkel. Thank you, Tiger Hi-Line. I love you, and I’ll see you soon.” – Tana Gam-Ad

“I’ve been in journalism for the past three years, and I cannot express how thankful I am to have come to know Mr. Winkel. Even though we disagree politically, we put it aside and work together. Whether it’s helping me lay something out or giving me advice as to which fly to use at a certain time of year for fly fishing, Mr. Winkel has always helped me.” – Brennan Kohls

“Mr. Winkel recognizes the passions of his students and aids them to get where they need to be. He has inspired many to become beautiful writers and has been a wonderful mentor to all.” – Casey McIntyre

“Something Mr. Winkel has taught me, is that you should never be afraid to be passionate. Winkel slaves over the paper every single week because he is passionate about journalism and passionate about shaping our futures — even when we don’t go into journalism. But relentlessly, he has shown passion for us and our passions. He encourages us to write about what we’re passionate about even when he has to give us a twist to make it relevant to the community. Cranking out an article every week isn’t easy, but the smile and pride on Winkel’s face on Fridays when he looks over the paper makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you for an amazing and challenging two years, Winkel. Here’s to many more.” – Albie Nicol

“Thank you, Winkel, for everything you have done for me. I have learned so much having you as a teacher. Thank you helping me to realize what I want to go to school for and helping me achieve major things.” – Kaylee Olson

“Mr. Winkel’s passion for his students and his area of teaching radiates each and every week. Mr. Winkel always tells his students, “Follow your bliss.” This quote from him has stuck in my head during journalism this past year and will linger with me for a lifetime.” – Maddie Palmersheim

“He made me laugh when no else could. He made me smile when I only wanted to frown, and he made me happy when all I wanted to be was sad.” – Sam Prophet

“Mr. Winkel is very supportive and dedicated to journalism at Cedar Falls High School and to the preservation and education of the field in general. He has been a great mentor who is willing and able to guide his students, and he’s so committed and devoted to the department and to his journalism students. I am very grateful to have had his mentorship, and sad that I have to leave him after only one semester.” – Noah Wolf

Time always goes on. Memories, however, will always remain. Catch you later Tigers!

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