Inkbox opens tattoo options to all

As people get older, they may want a chance to express themselves in their own way. A common choice would be getting a tattoo.

While many tattoos turn out great, some aren’t so lucky. Some people even regret getting them.

Many people use henna as an alternative to permanent tattoos the only problem is, henna tends not to look like a real tattoo and wears off in about a week or so.

Just recently, a new alternative to both past options has been created. This new creation is called Inkbox.

With “the look and feel of a real tattoo for two weeks,” Inkbox creators claim, “They are made with 100 percent organic formula, can be applied in 15 minutes and you can buy over 300 pre-made designs.”

How to apply an Inkbox design:

  1. Read all the instructions carefully.
  2. The skin should be clean and dry.
  3. Peel the white packing of the Inkbox design.
  4. Stick the Inkbox to your skin firmly.
  5. Peel the top to reveal the ink.
  6. Put on the glove (given in the kit).
  7. Take the cloth (given in the kit) tear the edge of the package and microwave for 15 seconds.
  8. Open the wipe (given in the kit).
  9. Dab only on the blue.
  10. Take the now warm cloth and press on the design as hard as possible for 30 seconds.
  11. Then hold firm for 15 minutes.
  12.  15 minutes later, pull off the inkbox (slowly).
  13.  Air dry for five minutes.
  14.  Rinse gently with soap and water.
  15.  Carefully pat dry.
  16.  The tattoo will develop in the next 24-36 hours.

The science behind the Inkbox tattoos is that, the ink sets into the top layer of skin (the epidermis) and lasts two to three weeks on your skin.

Permanent tattoos are set into your dermis, which is further into your skin, and that is why they are permanent.

Not only does Inkbox have pre-made designs, they also have what they call Freehand Ink. This version is just a bottle of the same ink used in the pre-made designs. This way you can create whatever design you want. The only difference is that you have to keep the design you made on your skin for at least an hour before gently cleaning it with soap and water.

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