Power Ranger fans should pass on big screen update of TV show

Last week, the much-awaited Power Rangers remake was released to mixed reviews. I had grown up watching the nostalgic show, and I was very excited to see a reenactment of my childhood, in the light of modern CGI. No matter the reviews, I was determined to watch this movie.

As I stepped into the theater on opening night, there was a veritable hum of anticipation, both from me and the other moviegoers. The lights dimmed, the previews were speculated and then, the feature presentation began.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s everyone else, but I did not enjoy the new Power Rangers. The acting was decent, don’t get me wrong, but the directing was subpar and the storyline seemed stuck on each part for too long, as if the movie wanted to stress that it was better than the old show. The only good things about this movie were the CGI and the soundtrack. When those two aspects are the good things about a movie, you have a problem. They should be icing on the cake or just a damper, nothing more.

It just goes to show that newer does not always mean better.

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