Disney’s live action update of classic deserves new round of devotions

In 1991, Disney may have released one of it’s greatest movies to date, “Beauty and the Beast.” Now over two decades later, “Beauty and the Beast” has hit the screens again, but this time as a live action film.

In my opinion, this movie was a great one. I was a bit skeptical when I heard that there was going to be a live action version, but once I saw the preview I knew it was going to be good. The characters were cast very well. Emma Watson’s voice fits the part of Belle almost perfectly.

One thing I enjoyed about the film was that it explained the story behind the death of Belle’s mother. In both the movies, Maurice, Belle’s father, is faced with the difficult decision to leave his wife along with his daughter for the safety of Belle’s health. We find out in the live action movie that Belle’s mother had the plague.

However in both the films, there are certain types of types of technology that do not correctly match up or make sense with the time period “Beauty and the Beast” is set in.

As if the original songs weren’t ones that everyone loves and knows by heart weren’t enough to enjoy, the live action version is filled with some new ones as well. I think this adds a nice touch to the film while going into more detail about the scenes.

Overall, this film was fantastic. Not only did this film live up to my expectations, it exceeded them. If you were a fan of the original film, then I recommend seeing this film as well.

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