Bullet Journals useful tool for achieving ambitions

As papers fall out of my notebook onto the messy floor, I wish for a pathway to an organized life. Could I keep a calendar on my phone?  Could I write down my assignments in a planner? Where do I write down my goals and aspirations? As I reach for my papers, a lightbulb illuminates over my head. I’ve heard of a solution: Bullet Journaling.

Bullet Journaling is a notebook system which organizes thoughts, goals, assignments and anything else imaginable. Similar to a planner, a bullet journal displays a unique page-by-page layout perfect for planning.

So, what’s the catch? You create the layout. The process begins with a journal, blank and untouched. With a variety of pens and supplies, one draws titles and labels that dedicate each page to a certain ray of tasks.

Examining my bullet journal, I fill in the blank that reads, “Name.” I swipe to the next blank page and begin decorating, adding stickers and washi tape. With a black pen, I title the page, “Notes to self.” Following this page, I begin my January spread. This location hosts a yearly calendar, monthly calendar, daily schedule and assignments. All of my thoughts, plans and assignments are now all in one journal.

The biggest perk about the bullet journal as opposed to a regular planner, is the flexibility that comes with the opportunity to create a personalized layout. If an assignment is finished or you mistakenly spelled a word wrong, a page may be ripped out instead of being scribbled over, which is much more visually pleasing. A bullet journal can be any design you want it to be, while holding all of life’s collections.

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