Organization key for balancing school, social life

School life and social life are both of great importance in a student’s life, but how do you remain in balance with these two important parts of your life?

Scheduling and time management are of the utmost importance when it comes to working on your school life and social life. Having a calendar, setting certain times for schoolwork and planning out free time are great ways to keep balance in your life. “Outside of school, I try to set time for homework and band stuff,” Holmes freshman Henry Funk said.

However, these skills can be difficult to master. “I find it pretty difficult especially if school life is affecting who I like to be outside of school or in rare situations when something that is happening with my social life is affecting how I am performing at school,” Funk said. 

Finding a strategy that works for you can be hard. Here are some ideas that you could take or build on to create the perfect strategy for you.

Setting small goals can be extremely helpful. Goals can sometimes be the perfect motivation to get things done. Here are some examples:

  • I will do my homework on Friday, so I can hang out with friends on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I will finish my big project on Tuesday, so I can have time to do my easier assignments on Wednesday.

Creating to-do lists can help you to schedule homework. When you create to-do lists, just the thought of checking off a box can be the motivation to get homework done. 

Organization is the key to doing homework quickly and efficiently. The quicker homework is done, the more time you’ll have to participate in activities with friends.

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