Access sidewalk added to north lot

The north student parking lot has been renovated with a new curb-cut in order to ensure equal access and independence for all people who utilize the high school.

“We are thankful to our School Safety committee members, faculty and staff as well as our outstanding custodial staff for making the necessary improvements to our building to ensure that all our students have access to our facilitates. A special shout-out goes to Steven Pitz, Jason Wedgbury and Dan Conrad our secondary school facilities coordinator, Principal and Director of secondary Education respectively for making the continual updates and improvements to our seasoned building to make this a great place for all students to learn,” Associate Principal Dr. Dana Deines said.

Rick Gersema, who oversees the district buildings, said, “As a whole, Cedar Falls Community Schools strives to provide facilities that will meet the needs of our students. We work very closely with design professionals that advise and design spaces both new and renovated that will meet most of the needs we encounter from day to day. Given the age of some of our structures, resolving all possible access issues can be quite a challenge forcing us to be rather creative at times to make accommodations. Individual handicaps are as varied as the stars in the sky, and there may be times that our ability to provide just exactly what may be needed by an individual student could be limited; however, we continue to make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations whenever er possible.”

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