Choir joins classic rock band on stage at Gallagher Bluedorn

foreignerIt may have only been a mere 30 seconds of fame, but the CFHS choir students experienced something pretty special on Gallagher Bluedorn’s stage a few short weeks ago.

Foreigner, a popular band from the late seventies and early eighties, made a stop in Cedar Falls for their “Unplugged Tour” on Nov. 19. The band sang acoustic covers of top hits, like “I Want to Know What Love is” and “Feels Like the First Time.”

In an article from the Courier, Kelly Hansen, Foreigner’s lead singer talked about the acoustic tour. “That’s the beauty of doing songs like this — breaking it down to its basic elements. If it can survive with just a basic guitar and piano arrangement then you really know it’s a good song.”
However, Foreigner was not alone in their performance on the 19th. Twelve choir students made their debut on stage to sing with the band for the final number of the night. Among them were Alexa Balong, Porter Beland, Angelle Waltz, Makenna Carroll, Cassidy Christopher, Aidan Flack, Hunter Hadlock, Bekah Bass, Sam Schmitz, Annie Leasure, Sofia Baronio and Maegan Neibert.

The students sold CDs for the band before the concert and were given free admission to watch the concert after. They then joined the band on stage to sing the closing number: “I Want to Know What Love is.”

Foreigner offers the opportunity for students to sing with them in each city that they visit in an effort to support high school music programs across the country. The CFHS music program was given a $500 grant for performing with the band.

Proceeds from albums sold at the concert also went toward the Grammy Foundation, which is an organization that works to fund music and art education.

While the experience does work to fund school choir programs, it also provides students with a moment that they’ll undoubtedly never forget.

“I’ve never been on stage in front of that many people. It was incredible,” junior Alexa Balong said. “It was just  absolutely amazing.”

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