High school parking lots need more surveillance

The school parking lot has had many issues in the past with theft and vandalism. For example, students of all ages have had company signs removed from the top of their vehicles along with numerous dents randomly appearing on the side of cars. 

There is limited surveillance around the entire perimeter of the school. Division Street can not be monitored 24/7. Cameras only cover a small portion of the parking spaces throughout the school property, so should there be more access to cameras around school? 

Students need to be held accountable for their actions on school grounds. Students should be comfortable with parking in the school parking lot, but many aren’t. Would putting more cameras around the school be beneficial for the student’s safety? 

This growing problem needs to be addressed before it’s too late. Associate Principal Lindsay Spears said, “I believe more cameras in parking lots have been asked for last year, but I don’t know what the update on that is.”

Spears also said the security cameras for the new high school will be much more complex. “We’re looking into getting footage on our phones, in real-time so we don’t have to look up the time and day. Our current security system is very clunky, so there will be better quality altogether.”

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