Two vets reconnect at Peet

enterprise-vetsOn Nov. 11, Peet Junior High School held a ceremonial assembly in honor of those lost, those who served and those still fighting today.

Josh Green, a world studies teacher, planned the assembly from scratch. It was funded from out of pocket donations.

“The purpose of the veterans day assembly is to recognize and show our appreciation for those who served,” Green said. At the reception afterward, Lynn Lovell and Joe Larsen, who thought they were random strangers, sat down with each other and started talking. It was that moment when they found out they served on the same boat, the USS Enterprise, during the same tours during Vietnam. The USS Enterprise had roughly 5,000 men aboard each tour and was the first nuclear powered vessel. Lovell and Larsen exchanged numbers after the reception was over. Lovell and Larsen walked into Peet junior high that day not even knowing each other and walked out as brothers in arms. Finally found and never forgotten.

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