Peet assembly recognizes veterans

On Nov. 9, Peet held its Veterans Day assembly. During the assembly, many local veterans came together to sit in on the assembly. 

History teacher Bethany Meier said, “Veterans Day is an important holiday because freedom is not free, so it is important for us to realize all the men and women who have made sacrifices for our country to be free.”

When Meier was a kid, her school never had assemblies to honor Veterans. Meier said, “It’s important for younger generations to know about Veterans Day because I think social media glorifies people in the military. They see people in the military and see the uniform, and they’re like, ‘I wanna be like them,’ but what they don’t realize is the sacrifice that the individuals have made so this country can be free.”

During the assembly, history teacher Josh Green went off script to speak from his heart about the importance of Veterans Day. He spoke about his experience with a close friend who was in the military. Meier said, “Mr. Green does a great job of explaining the importance behind Veterans Day and telling his story about why it is important to him.”

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