Vet’s Day assembly will return to Holmes

The Veteran’s Day assembly has been a tradition at Holmes Junior High, but it has had to be put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. The last year it was held in-person was in 2019. The staff at Holmes is working hard to be able to have the assembly again this year.

In the past, ninth grade history teacher Kevin Kuker has had his honors history students talk at the event. Kuker said, “I think our safety measures with the pandemic have helped to allow such functions to now be held more so in person.” Kuker said he thinks it is a great opportunity for students to take part in a service project that will help bring the community and the school together.

Kuker said, “Our planning of the assembly is still in its beginning stages at this point. As the date gets closer and our details and plans are more confirmed, we’ll then make sure that everything is in place for this to be an enjoyable and safe event.” 

Kuker said he has definitely enjoyed working with ninth graders in the past and helping them to honor veterans, and he also mentioned that the updated COVID-19 regulations have allowed them to make sure the assembly can be held in-person. 

Kuker said he was not concerned that people would think that talk of veterans could be too political for a public school. “I have not seen or heard of any pushback regarding the Veterans’ Day assembly in the past. Our assemblies seek to acknowledge those that have served as well as highlight some of the sacrifices servicemen and women have endured for the safety and progress of those in the U.S., both past and present.  I think our school district, and Holmes in particular, does a fine job of recognizing the veterans, their families and the sacrifices these groups made without endorsing any sort of political leanings.”

Dee Fullilove was a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force for eight years. Fullilove said, “Veterans should be recognized everywhere, but the advantage of recognizing in schools gives young minds an opportunity to decide if they want to serve their country when they are old enough.” Fullilove said she loves that youth are learning about military service and appreciates a person thanking her for her service.

The exact date and time for the Veteran’s Day Assembly have yet to be determined.

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