‘Yo-Kai’ opens for one day show

“Yo-kai Watch,” the movie, is finally coming to theaters. This movie, which has been hyped for a while, will be showing one day only, Oct. 15 at 11 a.m. Being a one day only event, there is not much known for the English release. However, with the Japanese release being out, we have lots of trailers and more information.

First, to analyze the trailer, we know very little from the small hints. All it shows is Nate Adams losing his Yo-Kai Watch and going back in time and fighting against the main villain, whose name was not revealed.

From the small bit of trailers  you can piece together other small details, but for sake of spoilers, I will not reveal those. The trailers are out, but even before that, a version with English subtitles has been out for quite a while, so the movie is only showing for the “first time” in America for English speakers.

Finally, even though it may not be special for the movie as a whole to be in America, we do get some perks that Japan didn’t necessarily get.

These perks are, for one, we get an exclusive Yokai medal. This medal has a special Quick Response code that will allow perks in the game “Yo-Kai Watch 2: Boney Spirtes” or “Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls.”

As another plus, this medal can be used in your Yokai Watch Hasbro toy. The one it specially works with is the Model 0 toy, which has yo-motion technology. This allows you to see small projections of the Yo-Kai when you put the medal in. As another plus, it also plays a fun tune. With this medal being offered to those when they buy their tickets, it’s hard to say no to going.

The final bit of information to share is where it’ll be showing. Sadly, it is not showing at any local theaters here in Cedar Falls or Waterloo. Here in the state of Iowa it is only showing at two locations: Davenport or Des Moines.

While it may be a drive to get to Des Moines, it is much closer than Davenport, so if you were to go, it is the closer and better option.

There are several theaters showing it, so you’ll have to look up the theater and put in Des Moines and buy your ticket online, just to be safe.

While the Japanese got it first, we get a special Yo-Motion medal. With the information and plot already revealed thanks the Japanese release, for some this will only be seeing the movie dubbed. However, for some, like myself, it will be seeing the movie for the first time.

The company has made a big deal that they are only showing this one day, so if you’re a true Yo-Kai Watch fan, I hope to see you at the same theater as I’m going.

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