With all the updates in technology since their initial releases, these five Nintendo classics are due for remakes

Throughout gaming history, there have been some amazing games for past systems; however, to  play these amazing games again, fans have found it hard to replay as the game systems and software abandons old ways. Here are five Nintendo games I believe deserve a remake for the systems of today.

The first game I think deserves a remake is “The Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Seasons.” This game is a spin-off title of “The Legend of Zelda.” It follows our usual hero, Link, in  a new land of Holodrum. The game opens with our hero waking up, unknowing of where he was where he was. Without giving away spoilers, as the title suggests, you’ll be messing with the seasons. However, the game does not 100 percent revolve around that. It has also has eight dungeons and tons of puzzles and other Zelda aspects. This may be a 2-D Zelda game, but other Zelda games such as “A Link to the Past”  got a remake of sorts in 3-D. While the remake wasn’t exact, it followed basically the same story, and Nintendo can do the same with “Oracle of Seasons.”

The next game I think should have a remake is much like “Oracle of Seasons,” but it’s called “Oracle of Ages.” Opening in a similar way, this game sends Link to Labrynna.

The game, much like “Oracle of Seasons,” focuses around a theme. While the term “Ages” may confuse some people, the game has a time travel aspect, allowing link to travel from past to present. This causes for interesting situations, such as some dungeons being in the past and some being in the present. In the same aspect as “Seasons,” “Ages” can be made into a 3-D game.

The third game I think deserves a remake is the original Paper Mario game, or the second game, “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.” 

The first Paper Mario game is a RPG story about Mario going around the mushroom kingdom to collect the seven star spirits so he can hurt Bowser after he steals the star rod and wishes to be invisible.

Throughout the game, you learn new attacks and various friends join you. In “Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door,” it’s much the same, but a bit different. Mario receives a treasure map from Princess Peach, and he follows it. After learning she has been kidnapped, he goes in search of the Crystal Stars so he can maybe find her.

Throughout his adventures, once again various fun and unexpected people join him, some obvious and some surprising for first time players. However, little does Mario know the true motives of the main villains.

These games are both amazing, and either one of them should get a remake, as the 3-D Paper Mario game was quite disappointing, and while the Wii U one might be awesome, you can’t go wrong with re-making a classic.

The fourth game I think deserves a remake is not really the game itself, but the series deserves a remake or sequel. The series is the Pokemon Ranger series.

Unlike normal Pokemon games, “capturing” a Pokemon is different. A Pokemon Ranger only borrows a Pokemon’s power to clear obstacles, and then releases them.

This may seem odd, but the game uses it quite well. I have not personally played  the first or third game, but the second game is amazing.

If not the series, the second game, “Shadows of Alima,” deserves a remake. This game is amazing, and despite its darker theme and hard boss fights, it’s worth it.

The story is a bit complicated to explain without spoilers, but let me say in simple that the name is not just the name, it’s a pun of sorts on something in the game.

The fifth and final game I think deserves a remake is “Pokemon Platinum,” if not “Diamond” and “Pearl.” These three games are a part of the fourth generation of Pokemon, and one of the not-so loved games. Of course, you have the basic storyline, but the bad guys are amazing.

You can’t really spoil a Pokemon game, especially one as old as these, so basically the leader wants to make a universe without emotion. The best choice is to remake “Platinum,” as this one puts more story into the game and, to be honest, more effort. “Diamond” and “Pearl” were sloppy and had lots of errors and crap moments. “Platinum,” on the other hand, takes what “Diamond” and “Pearl” did, and it makes the crap moments good and adds more. The aftergame is expanded greatly, and there’s a lot more replay value.

These five games are amazing in one way or another. Whether it be their gameplay or story, they deserve remakes. While they might not all get it, a fan like me can hope.

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